Somarta: Lacey Lady.

Japanese label Somarta, set up by designer Tamae Hirokawa in 2006, is known for its seamless lace bodysuits, which any uber fashion goth or sexy superhero would die for-wah! A range of 'Second Skin' garments in different lace separates from leggings, scoop neck tops, vests and gloves are available in two different lace patterns the 'Robin' or the 'Guardian'. GaGa gimp galore!


Memento Mori: Series 00.

Inigo Bilbao's CATs project was the idea to experiment with biomedical imaging and the unexplored creative potential of medical hardware and software when applied in combination with 3D modelling software and rapid-prototyping machines.

Using data obtained from a CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) or from a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Bilbao can depict both the changing outer appearance of a human model and the more solid and internal frame of its bone structure.

Self Portrait 2007

Andreia Chaves' 'Invisible Shoe'

This asymmetrical origami-inspired mirrored ankle boot is the creation of Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves. The Her unconventional shoe concepts, including the 'Prism Shoe' and 'Velcro Shoe' are influenced by her time growing up in chaotic Sao Paulo, a city full of contrasts, diversity, and her constant exposure to different visual inputs. After studying texture and visual effects in Florence, she decided to experiment with different and sometimes impractical materials in her footwear design, saying she sees "beauty in chaos".


Bernhard Willhelm & Jutta Kraus @ Groninger Museum.

Antwerp's Groninger Museum, yesterday opened its doors to a major solo exhibition of the work of my favourite designer Bernhard Willhelm and his partner in crime Jutta Kraus.

The exhibition features an extensive collection of their unconventional fashions from over 30 collections, including men's and women's wear created during their 10 year partnership. After studying at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in Antwerp (Willhelm) and the University of Westminster, London (Kraus), they joined forces in 1999 to begin a clothing line under Willhem's name. Right from the outset they created a unique brand with an individual style and unworldly imagination.

Bernhard's creation for Bjork's 2007 Volta album cover

If you are unable to make it to Antwerp, a book is available to buy on the Groninger website (29.50 Euro) with more than 500 illustrations celebrating the past ten years. The book also offers a previously unpublished overview of the duo's work, and contains contributions by author Ingborg Harms and fashion Theorist Francesca Granata.

The exhibition runs until 11th April 2010.

Photos by Georgette Koning.

Groninger Museum