Puking Millie: Series Black

Last night, I attend the Arthur & Albert Studio to see the first solo show of my friend, performance artist and original Child of !WOWOW! Miss Mille Brown. She is mostly known for her technicolour yawn, where she regurgitates rainbow coloured vomit on to walls, objects, clothing, canvas' and even people.

Yesterday's performance consisted of Mille vomiting bright pink puke onto a white canvas, accompanied by a projection of Jez Tozer's 'Films for SHOWstudio 2' starring Mille as part of SHOWstudio's Political Fashion series.

Screen shot from Jez Tozer's film for SHOWstudio (click here to watch the full short)

Since Millie’s debut performance in Berlin in 2007, alongside other members of !WOWOW! and renowned performance artist Mark McGowan, Mille has collaboratively worked with SHOWstudio, Jez Tozer, Matthew Stone, Gareth Pugh and Adham Faramawy and most recently with Lady Gaga for her Monster Ball world tour video back drop, shot by the legendary vision-maker Nick Knight, where she vomited bright green all over Gaga's white couture dress.

Mille puking on GAGA! Genius.

Millie will be collaborating with SHOWstudio again later this spring, as part of the forthcoming Inside/Out exhibition in the SHOWstudio SHOP. Brown will execute two LiveStudio performances including a new venture; the construction of a mythical taxidermy beast and MORE puking!

Colin Christian: Inner Space @ Opera Gallery

British artist Colin Christian, currently has a collection of his original anime/fetish-sex-doll style sculptures on show at the Opera Gallery on Bond Street. He finds inspiration in old sci-fi moves, pin-up girls, supermodels, ambient electronic music and H.P. Lovecraft. In his work, Christian aims to take the exaggerations and perfections of cartoons and make them into a realistic 3D form.

Christian originally started out through his interest in movie special fx, producing fiberglass figures and displays. In 1998 he produced his first production figure, a towering 7 feet tall and anatomically correct anime girl named "Suki".

Later Christian took up commercial sculpture producing pieces for stores, museums and various businesses. He made a robot for the American Heart Association which was interviewed by Katie Couric on the Today show and he constructed the worlds largest mousetrap for pest control company Truly Nolen, which is now featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.


NewPowerStudio: Black Duck

Currently, in the window of b Store sits a life-size 'black' Orville (the Duck) in his nappy... He is part of an installation and video accompanying New Power Studio's current collection entitled Black Duck. Featuring black Orville print shirts, tees, vests, shorts and white Timberland boots...

New Power Studio is the brainchild of Stylist Thom Murphy and Womenswear designer Ebru Ercon. A modern unisex sportswear brand debuted three season's ago at London Fashion Week.

N.P.S' latest collection presented at MAN during London Fashion Week last month.


b Store


Fanny and Jessy AW1011: V A N I L O Q U E N C E

Vaniloquence is Fanny and Jessy's second unisex collection for the androgynous, launched last week at 'This Space', the London Fashion Week pop-up shop of photographer Christopher James, founder of weknowwhatyoudidlastnight.com.

A Dark and slick collection with grunge influences and modern sports silhouette. Intricately constructed pieces made up in a variety of materials such as corduroy, knitwear, mesh, ghetto net, leather, tape deck, denim waxed cotton, jersey, power net and Lycra.

Vaniloquence, meaning vain or foolish talk, is the latest collection from design duo Fanny and Jessy, who graduated from The London College of Fashion only last year. Their debut collection, ‘I Hope You Die Soon’, which t-shirts of the same name have a cult following, has been worn by performers such Groove Armada, Rihanna, Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud, Bourgeois and Maurice, Bloc Party and Kap Bambino.

FAJ is available at No-One (London), Machine-A (London) and Candy (Tokyo)

Fanny and Jessy

weknowwhatyoudidlastnight (with pictures from the launch)


LADY GAGA wears LE MINDU 'Black Rose'

GAGA leaves her Knightsbridge hotel wearing Charlie's creation and Daphnie modelling the Rose at Charlie's AW1011 show.

GAGA with Cindi Lauper and Shazza Osbourne at the MAC VIVA GLAM press conference in London.

Charlie's 'Monster/wedding dress' worn by Gaga at her Monster Ball gig at the O2 Arena, London.


SHOWstudio: Headdress

SHOP at SHOWstudio is currently presenting 'Headdress' a collection of theatrical headgear perfectly balanced between art object and functional accessory. The exhibition features work by five contemporary milliners: Jordan Askill, Stephen Jones, Charlie Le Mindu, Nasir Mazhar and Noki. All pieces are for sale!

To compliment the exhibition SHOWstudio will be broadcasting performances from the LIVEstudio in Bruton Place.

Headdress is on show untili March 20th @ 1-9 Bruton Place, London W1


Cassette Playa AW1011: N E U R O M A N C E

Last week at London Fashion Week, Cassette Playa premiered the worlds first ever Fashion Augumented reality show. Software written especially for Cassette Playa's wearable Augumented Reality (AR). Garments featuring CP symbols programed to be activated by the models interaction, generating computer 3D animations.

'Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery - creating a mixed reality'.

Intro music: Kingdom/20 Jazz Funk Greats/Salem/The Big Pink.

Show music: Milo Cordell (The Big Pink/Merok Records) and Preetesh Hirji.

The collection features industrial and mediEVIL references with Thrash, Death and Black metal imagery - silk back panels and embroided patches, feature on Long-sleeve tees, meltdown wool sleeveless tailored jackets, zip-up hooded tops and cropped nappa leather bombers The range also includes assuly vests with neoprene pocket details, transfer tees with CGI blood and chrome and glow in the dark screen prints.

Signature cassette Playa digital print is in repeats of stoned textured leopard print and blood soaked diamonte camo on silk, chiffon and lycra. Colours are photocopy black and white with high lights of stain glass brights - blue, scarlet, acid green and fucsia.

The MediEVIL influenced headdress Charlie made for Carri's pressentation.

Cassette Playa


Charlie Le Mindu AW1011: Religion. Sex. Bullshit. Lucifer.

Charlie's third collection, Influenced by death and religion, was a futuristic funeral cortege of sexy space sluts sashaying to the sounds of morbid church bells, screams and techno. Featuring black lace body suits, diamante crosses, blue fox fur, stripped feather-like-fur capes, hair veil headdresses and a bejewelled Faberge egg.

All backstage photos by Billa