Puking Millie: Series Black

Last night, I attend the Arthur & Albert Studio to see the first solo show of my friend, performance artist and original Child of !WOWOW! Miss Mille Brown. She is mostly known for her technicolour yawn, where she regurgitates rainbow coloured vomit on to walls, objects, clothing, canvas' and even people.

Yesterday's performance consisted of Mille vomiting bright pink puke onto a white canvas, accompanied by a projection of Jez Tozer's 'Films for SHOWstudio 2' starring Mille as part of SHOWstudio's Political Fashion series.

Screen shot from Jez Tozer's film for SHOWstudio (click here to watch the full short)

Since Millie’s debut performance in Berlin in 2007, alongside other members of !WOWOW! and renowned performance artist Mark McGowan, Mille has collaboratively worked with SHOWstudio, Jez Tozer, Matthew Stone, Gareth Pugh and Adham Faramawy and most recently with Lady Gaga for her Monster Ball world tour video back drop, shot by the legendary vision-maker Nick Knight, where she vomited bright green all over Gaga's white couture dress.

Mille puking on GAGA! Genius.

Millie will be collaborating with SHOWstudio again later this spring, as part of the forthcoming Inside/Out exhibition in the SHOWstudio SHOP. Brown will execute two LiveStudio performances including a new venture; the construction of a mythical taxidermy beast and MORE puking!