House of Cards.

Last Friday, I went to see the House of Cards exhibition with Fred Butler (prop/accessories designer extraordinaire and lovely lay'dee) at the Haunch of Venison Gallery. The exhibition was a collection of work by 53 different artists, photographers and fashion designers, each whom had designed a playing card in order to create a complete deck of cards.

Sorry the images are a bit dark... I was being watched! So no flash I'm affraid : (

Basso & Brooke (Namalee as model, Charlie did the hair!) - Queen of Hearts

Rankin - King of Diamonds

Mark Quinn - The Joker

Queen Viv - Queen of Spades

The Champan Bros. - Jack of Spades

Henry Holland - Four of Diamonds

D*Face - Queen of Clubs

Polly Morgan - Ten of Hearts

Other participants included: Damien Hirst, Alexander McQueen, Jamie Reid, Rachel Whitebread, David Bailey, Sir Terence Conran, Stephen Webster, Giles Deacon and others.

The artists, all of whom donated their time and work for free, worked alongside Leo Burnett London, who devised the concept as part of their House of cards campaign for Shelter, the housing and homeless charity. The campaign was designed to raise awareness of the depth of the housing problem in the UK, where 65,000 families will loose their home this year alone.

Stills from video installation for shelter.

Unfortunately, Its a bit too late to see the exhibition yourself, as all the artworks where auctioned off last night, with all proceeds going to Shelter. But, in the gallery shop you can still purchase a limited edition A5 pack of cards in slipcases for just £70. They are also available at shelterhouseofcards.org.uk.

Haunch of Venison Gallery

Make a donation to Shelter