Linder Sterling: i-D.

I am pleased to see i-D have paid homage to artist Linder Sterling on the cover of their current issue (fall 2009). Shot by Tim Walker with an editorial featuring a Richard Nicoll and Linder Sterling collaboration of kinky corsetry and suspenders including pieces from Nicoll's A/W collection adorning prints exclusively designed by Sterling, modelled by Saranne Woodcroft and Richard and Linder themselves. Sterling is a radical feminist and a well-known figure who played an important part during the Manchester punk scene in the 1970's and a of course, a bloody fab artist!

Known for her photo-montages, which often combined images taken from pornographic magazines with images from women's fashion and domestic magazines, particularly those of domestic appliances, making a point about the cultural expectations of women and the treatment of female body as a commodity. Probably her best-known pieces of visual art is the single cover of Buzzcocks' debut single 'Orgasm Addict'), an image of a well-muscled female torso, her face covered by a domestic iron and her nipples replaced by red lipstick lips, which I remember also being on the flyers for London uber cool club Nag Nag Nag back in early 00's.