Saatchi Gallery with Designer Drugs.

Yesterday, I took Elle and Michael, the Philly remixers behind Designer Drugs to the Saattchi Gallery at the Duke of York's HQ in Chelsea. It's the first time I have been there since it moved from Country Hall on the South Bank. Hirst, Emin or the Chapmans were no where to be seen, but there were some interesting exhibits on show from both UK and International contemporary artists, such as Rachel Harrison, Ryan Johnson, Guerra de la Paz and Stephan G. Rhodes.

Guerra de la Paz 'Nine' 2007

Agathe Snow 'Five', 'Four' and 'Three' 2007

Matt Johnson 'The Pianist' (after Robert J. Lang)

Sterling Ruby 'Kiss Trap Kismet' 2008

Stephen G. Rhodes 'Ssspecific Object' 2006

Rachel Harrison 'Nose' & 'Glamour Wig' 2006

Ryan Johnson 'Watchman', 'Sentinel (Orange)' and 'Sentinel' (Please Hold)

Peter Coffin 'Untitled' (Spiral Staircase)

I loved Korean artist Yi Hwan-kwon's 'Jangdockdae' a group of freeze frame sculptures, which look squashed and blurred, tricking your mind into believing your vision is distorted...

Yi Hwan-kwon 'Jangdockdae' 2008

But, the best of all, was Chinese artists Yuan and Peng Yu - two of China's most controversial artists, renown for working with extreme materials such as human fat tissue and live animals. Their piece, 'Old Persons Home' is an installation of human-like models of decrepit OAPS looking suspiciously familiar to world leaders, endlessly moving and bashing into each other in their electric wheelchairs.

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu 'Old Persons Home' 2007

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