Shoplifter Burn's Trolley Gallery.

Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shoplifter, the creator of Bjork's amazing hair mask featured on the cover of her 2004 album Medulla, will present his first London solo exhibition 'Burn' this week at East London’s Trolley Gallery.

Medulla 2004

For several years Shoplifter has worked exploring the use and symbolic nature of hair, and its visual and artistic potential. It started as a discovery in an antique shop, a lock of hair encased as a keepsake and shaped as a flower, and has since evolved as an exploration of hair's meaning - from strength, self-image and beauty, to vanity, decoration and fashion. Shoplifer works in print, sculpture, murals and other types of medium.

White Wedding 2007

The Hairy Hunch 2005

Harmonic Hairdoo (Prints)

Private View Thursday 8th October 2009, 7-9pm. The collection will be on show until Saturday 14th November 2009 @ Trolley Gallery.


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