Drums of Death's Got your thang!

I met C.J. Bailey aka Drums of Death during Peaches' Euro tour back in May when he was supporting her and Charlie and I were Roadies. He is really Scottish (yeah his accent) and he is really nice. But when he gets on stage, he adopts his ghoulish 'voodoo-zombie' like persona, a intense raucous and a touch confrontational character, bringing an energetic performance of Trouble and Bass tunes mixed with live snares, mutant power-pop and warp-house. We likey!

Colin & Peaches in my flat

Drums of Death's new single "Got Yr Thing" is the from his forthcoming Greco-Roman release 'Generation Hexed', directed by John Major’s Daughters (whose previous videos include Lesser Panda and The Black Lips). Available on 12" and available to download in the UK on 12th October.